Monday, April 6, 2009

Can it possibly last?

So - ever since she was born, my beautiful baby girl has woken up to start her day at about 5am.  It was not so bad when we were getting up every 2 hours anyway and then after that we kind of got used to it.  At 2 months she was sleeping through the night so I had no right to complain!  I mean really - I didn't do any special technique to make her sleep.  It was not my skillful mothering that did it - I was just lucky.  So what if she got up at 5 every day?  She slept through the night!!

Then I got pregnant again.  Now 5am seems like an insult.  Who gets up at 5am when they're worn out from growing another person??  Not to mention the fact that you have to get up every hour to pee and you cannot get comfortable AT ALL!!  Not that I'm complaining of course!  I know it's a blessing to be pregnant, honest.  But 5am?  Seriously?  You'd be upset too.  Really - you would.

So anyway.  I just figured I was stuck with it.  Just my bad luck to be stuck with an early riser.  Payback, my mum would say - I did it to her you see.  But then comes yesterday morning.  I am awakened from sleep by....well not by a beautiful baby.  I just woke up.  Like at a normal time.  Huh?  Can it be?  The sun is rising - usually I have been up a while when the sun rises!!  Yeah!!!  It's a miracle!  Praise be!!  WOW!!!!!!  It's 6.30am.  OMGosh!!!!!!!!!!!  (There was a time in my life when 6.30 am would have been terrible but I barely remember that life).  Now though, the panic sets in.  Why isn't the beautiful baby awake?  What terrible affliction has happened during the night?  I should rush in to the room and shake her awake just to make sure she's still breathing right?  But.......I haven't lain in bed for this long in 18 months......... why spoil it?  But........  she might be sick.......what to do?????

In the end, I crept into her room like a thief in the night.  Praise God - she is sleeping, like an angel.  So beautiful.  As I walk out of the room, she stirs.  All is well with the world.

So last night - dare I hope that it might happen again?  I re-created the bedtime routine from the night before.  I prayed hard when I went to sleep.  This morning I awoke to ..........  the husband's alarm clock!!!!!  Baby still sleeping!!  Can this possibly last?? 


  1. It's like reading back in time!

  2. Don't even think of taking a breath to upset the delicate sleeping habits of a sweet baby girl!

    Nathan was an early riser and suddenly he started sleeping in later and later...till 7:30 sometimes! Miracle of miracles! It was glorious! I loved it! one day he got sick and it was all gone. He started waking up an hours most un-Godly and I wondered if I was going to have to give him away.

    So enjoy what you have! And rest up while you grow that sweet baby!!